I was born in Chicago, Illinois, and have always had an affinity for the Arts. I graduated from Lake Forest College with a degree in Art History. After working at The Art Institute of Chicago, Landfall Press and the Phyllis Kind Gallery, I moved to Wyoming then northern Idaho where I lived on a farm and raised my two boys before moving to Florida in 1985. In Florida I worked in the field of accounting until 2003. At that time my sister Ann was diagnosed with cancer and her battle moved me to express myself through metal and shell.

Since then I have devoted myself to learning advanced techniques of jewelry making. My work is inspired by my desire to find balance between nature and the senses. I strive to accentuate the body and capture the movement of the human form; enhancing one’s personal beauty and grace with sophistication and elegance. My journey into creating jewelry that makes the wearer feel centered and in synchronicity continues.

I have studied with Andy Cooperman, Cynthia Eid, Pauline Warg, Bob Ebendorf, Susan Lewis, Jayne Redmond, Marilynn Nicholson and Michael Boyd.